The return of Banana Monkey?

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001372d8a1530b74e6701a.jpgIt's been a long time - about two years I think - but it looks like Banana Monkey could make a surprise return to the Shanghai music scene next month. Following The Beat Bandits' decision to call it quits after last weekend, the Trash a Go Go bills have been left without one of their staple acts, but they've pencilled in Banana Monkey as part of the line-up to support Korean rockabilly act The Rock Tigers at YYT on September 24th. 

Once hotly-tipped as a band who would break out of Shanghai and really put music here on the map, it never really happened for Banana Monkey. If the comeback comes off, this wouldn't be the first time the band have reformed (their shows a couple of years ago were part of a short-lived return). Perhaps with this in mind, the band/promoters are urging caution at the moment, stating 'it's not certain, we'll have to wait and see how things go' in regard to the Rock Tigers show, but there are moves to make it happen. It's not clear if it would be a one off performance or if the band would be making a proper comeback. Either way, the show will also be the last for The Instigation's lead singer Simon, who's leaving Shanghai.

For a bit of background to Banana Monkey and their significance, check out this post.

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