Tonight: Super Sophia, Morgan and Monroe Stahr

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monroe cd rel party New hipster hang out Not Me have a series on Thursday nights where they invite local band members and scene people to come and DJ. It's all organised by DJ Sacco and is an interesting addition to Shanghai's club/bar scene - they've already had Han Han from Miniless and Boys Climbing Ropes' Little Punk take to the decks.

Tonight the lovely Super Sophia from Yuyintang will be throwing down her favourite indie rock tunes and has promised to include plenty of Chinese stuff. Also bringing along his stacks of wax (or an MP3 player and some CDs) will be Morgan Short from Boys Climbing Ropes.

These guys know their shit and this is a night worth checking out I reckon. It's called Heart Attack, starts about 9pm and you can find Not Me at 21 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu (东平路21号,近衡山路).

For some real live rock music meanwhile, you can catch Monroe Stahr over at Anar. I like the back room at Anar, usually the home of Zooma-fronted stoner-dub-rock band Magnetic - it reminds me of the place in A Clockwork Orange where Alex and his droogs go to drink milk plus velocet. Not that it's 很黄很暴力, just that it's kind of retro and '60s-ish. I digress. Anyway, Monroe Stahr are a good band (I've been especially listening to Summer Starts Here a lot recently) and are also worth checking out. It's free, kicks off at 10:30pm and Anar (石榴) is just down the road from LOgO at 129 Xingfu Lu, near Niuqiao Lu (幸福路137号,近牛桥路).

While I'm writing about upcoming shows, tomorrow is Convenience Store (便利商店) at Yuyintang - the Modern Sky-backed indie rockers who are not to be confused with Candy Shop (甜品店), Glorious Pharmacy (美好药店) or Supermarket (超级市场). That one kicks off at 9:30pm and will set you back ¥40.

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