Videos: Joker, Tian Pin Dian and Sonnet live at Yuyintang

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To prevent these videos pushing everything else off the page, I've put them all in the same post. There's Joker's 化肥, Tian Pin Dian's dirty Jingle Bells song Ding Ding Dong and Sonnet doing a cover of Billie Jean with Sun Ye all from last night's Michael Jackson tribute show.

First up is Joker doing 化肥. Eventually. They have a bit of a false start. This song is a pretty bluegrass-folk number and doesn't really represent their overall sound (which is more blues-rock) but it's a good song regardless and it's the one I happened to catch on video so take a look. To listen to more Joker tracks, hit their Neocha profile here and if you want to catch them live, you can do so on Sunday at YYT's Blues Night. 
So, like I said, at the end of Tian Pin Dian's set, the crowd demanded more and they knew what they wanted to hear too. The band swapped up their instruments and everyone knew what was coming so I grabbed my camera. You can hear the crowd singing along and if you understand the lyrics you'll know it's hilariously dirty. A bit of background and insight here (scroll down to the comments on that page if you're still not sure what it's about). You have to say, when it's summer here and all the hot pants come out, this song seems even more relevant.

Finally, Sonnet doing Billie Jean with a guest appearance from their ex-guitarist Sun Ye. I realise I wrote a review of a Michael Jackson tribute show without really mentioning him. That wasn't entirely accidental. There were plenty of people there who wanted to see some Michael Jackson songs (fair enough, it was an MJ tribute show) but, though I grew up wearing out his tapes on my walkman and still anything up to Dangerous is good, I wasn't really there to "remember Michael". There were people selling posters and t-shirts etc with his image on and plenty of people who didn't really know the bands shouting out "Dangerous!" or "Billie Jean!" Like I say, that's fair enough and, though I wasn't really there for the covers, this was probably one of the best. Until Sonnet did their Village People cover of course. Watch out for Zhu Baixi, err, making the most of Sun Ye's return too.

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