Youtube: bonus track Ding Ding Dong (with incidental cultural insight)

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I wasn't planning on posting a video from last night as we already have the excellent Reflector clip. And ... before we go on, this video is a bit of a piss-take by the band. Tianpin Dian are really good and usually have two vocalists with MC YKE being accompanied by Melody Li - hence their inclusion on a female singers night.

So for their main stuff you could listen to their demo or watch the same track live.

People in Shanghai have Shanghainese as their first language and Mandarin second. People I know tend to associate using Shanghainese with humour, cursing and kicking back. Maybe it's because the standard Mandarin is associated with school, the gov and bland 'ol TV. Whatever the reason, when local bands break out the Sang-hei-e-wu the gloves come off and the air turns blue. Even Momo did it last night, telling a joke in a break where the punchline was old women doing a folk dance while saying 'everyone rub your balls'. 

As soon as I realised what was going on, I had to get out the camera. Melody Li joined the audience, the band swapped instruments and out came the filthiest joke version of jingle bells you have ever heard.

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haha.I saw the "humour" tag.

I sent the link to a Shanghainese colleague. He was not impressed:

"James, this is a vulgarity show"
"Oh I'm sorry- is it funny?"
"I forgive you, you do not know Shanghai dialect."

Vulgarity? Watch this...

And better not send the link to that friend...

Great link!

And James, the chorus is about his dick getting hard ... dubious track to play on Women's Day, mind you.

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