andy bw 2001My name is Andy Best. I was born in the early seventies in the U.K. I spent most of my life (everything after 4 years old) in the city of Liverpool. I liked books, Dungeons and Dragons and music. I ended up in university where I studied drama.

I was originally focused on music completely. I played in bands and practised guitar five hours a day. Me and my friends voraciously devoured the trade, building crossovers and custom PA's, recording demos in studios and at home, playing shows, collecting music, putting out flyers ... all of it. I stepped out of that world to do university, in theatre, and then went off travelling. It's only since I came to Shanghai in 2001 that I found a music scene I liked again, one based around DIY culture and not sending tapes to A&R men. 

My fourteen year long working life has been in writing and in education. I get up to all kinds of stuff and I'm currently still in Shanghai, China.

Douban (Chinese language)

Mail me: andy(at)kungfuology(dot)com 
Twitter: @andybest72

response to xkcd 435

This cartoon style may look familiar, this is why.

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