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Update: Brad pointed out that the comments are off on the blog and he couldn't give us the update on DFG. Comments are off because I'm not posting or checking here much now and the spam build up is just too much to handle.

As for DFG, the new material will be added to soon and will be the basis for future shows and the first full length recording. 

... and so is Jake. We're not growing beards and stalking Diddy though. Before I write on, remember that this blog goes on over at Jake's bit:

Also, just because I'm not blogging doesn't mean I'm incommunicado. Feel free to mail or meet for the usual reasons. People still are.

I've been to some shows lately. Hedgehog played Yuyintang to promote their new album, which is ace. Great turnout of local fans who all knew the words. It was packed and action ensued, felt just like the classic nights of 2008/09 at YYT. 

Went to the launch party of Shanghai 24-7, also at YYT. Saw Ho-Tom, X is Y, Duck Fight Goose and BCR. All good. Duck Fight Goose played a set of entirely new songs in a re-tooled style. Blimey. Better get along to their next shows to check it out, I'm not sure if that will be the standard from now on. Brad?

And here's a thought. On the Saturday Moon Tyrant had their CD release party too, solid rock with a big R but sprinkled with distinct vocal stylings and hat tips to a wide variety of influences. You can check it out here:

Like many Shanghai bands they have now arrived at a point where they have a solid show and an album of tunes. I got to thinking. Shanghai bands that put out a decent album and have a decent show developed. Hmmnnn. It seems that bands who just do it true indie style - as in by themselves - are much more productive than bands who have 'deals' with 'real labels' here. 

Off my head, fully active Shanghai based bands with decent recordings that did it themselves, Yuguo, BCR, Pairs, Fever Machine, Moon Tyrant, Stegosaurus, X is Y, Rainbow Danger Club, Duck Fight Goose, Triple Smash (last year) ... i'm sure I'm missing loads. Cold Fairyland probably self financed their stuff. Anyone? More?

What about the output of Shanghai based Labels? You know, the ones whose job is to release music to the public. Pinkberry have their EP and play a lot, although a lot of the shows are brand promotions.

Any thoughts one the situation. Me and Jake always mull over the idea that getting signed here seems to sharply decrease productivity if anything.

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