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Hiatus: April 2012

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Well. I've had a little time off the blog, and most everything else, due to a bout of flu. 

Now I'm back but I've come to (another) moment where I've realised I need a break from the blog. 

I'll still be around and available for the usual e-mails and enquiries, no problem, but no new posts for a while.

I've got a bunch of stuff I'm in the middle of that needs full attention. Also, I'm at a point where I'm doubting the usefulness of the blog outside my own record keeping. Either way, it's time for a break. Unfortunately, Jake is unable to post regularly too. At time of typing we get from 8 - 10 000 individual IPs checking in over a month. Not bad for little ole us. And between the two of us we managed 1025 posts.

Not too bad.

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