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Video: (almost) full set Thee Oh Sees at 390

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Logo'd and branded Youku user 小猪男孩 (Pigboy) has posted this long video showing most of the Thee Oh Sees set from 390. I was there and it was one of the best gigs here ever, top ten for sure, that I've been to. You also have to watch Pigboy's glaring logo the whole time but hey, he did provide us with this video, so thanks.

Death To Giants, Death To Shows!!!

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blood pours out flyer
I'm involved in this show now so use discretion when judging this post

Death To Giants are releasing their first full album Blood Pours Out on Saturday night at Yuyintang. The line up also features Spill Your Guts, iAmalam and Astrofuck.

Now seriously. Death To Giants are a great band and tons of fun live. Scroll down their Douban page for tracks and two videos. Death To Giants playing Yuyintang, the heart of the scene and a near perfect room for underground bands, on a Saturday night has all the trappings of an epic show. But epic shows have to be made ... so get the word out and throw away all the excuses - come to this show and bring people too. If we can break 300 people in YYT, especially with DtG and Spill Your Guts playing, that's insanity and crowd surfing time. Do it. If you're more of a hipster type you could lose your shit by letting an unplanned, un-ironic left-eyebrow-raise slip by, while leaning strategically against the side wall, during the more electro-oriented opening bands - prompting the others in your group to break down into cries of, "oh, SHIT!!!" ... It's all good.

Just come to the show, that's what I'm saying. Thanks.

Astrofuck demos done

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Pictured: Astrofuck's Kaine and HHH

I'm going to stop excusing myself for the self-promotion stuff now. I did mention it all way back here in this post ... but I then did so many regular music posts that I kinda worried it would still look like the old blog but with cheeky Andy things inserted in sneakily. I won't mention it any more, I'll just refer people back to this.

So, the holiday is over and I finished some demos with my band Astrofuck. We recorded them in an evening down at Studio Pony and now they can be found here:

There are five tracks there. They are unmastered versions but it's all good. That's the first time we have had any kind of recording of Love Is Shit, full or instrumental. 

Also around the blogosphere: the Tumblr-verse is gaining a little bit of traction and consistency when it comes to China scene stuff. Between Twin Horizon, China Music Radar, Alternative China and Slink Rat there's quite a bit of material coming out. There's probably more once you get checking in that world. So do it.

Be in a Shanghai scene music video this Saturday

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Photo: Rob Zombie

Shanghai garage / retro rock band Roundeye are shooting footage for a video this Saturday. Frontman Chachy says it's 'Zombie flick' themed, and that it will be fun and there will be beer. 

It will be shot in the dungeons basement rooms that house Juju, Post Tape and Studio Pony. That's under the Huashan Gardens complex at the junction of Huashan Road and Huaihai Road (a bit to the north of Xu Jia Hui.)

They are meeting out at the intersection at 12.30 on Saturday (23rd February). That's 12.30 around lunchtime.

Anyone not confident about just showing up can get more details from Chachy via this e-mail: roundeye (at) outlook (dot) com

Happy New Year: Snake 2013

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Happy New Year everyone. Dragon out, snake in. Posting will resume in ten days or thereabouts.


Pics: Astrofuck @ YYT

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I can't really review the show (Baltic States album release) because it involved my band and we helped promote it too. I just want to put up a couple of the pics and say a couple of words. The pics, by the way, are courtesy of Melissa Helman and the staff of Shanghai247.

So, yeah, amazing turnout and a really fun night. I remain disappointed that I haven't yet received any e-mails from City Weekend but stoked that people sang along for Love Is Shit and a bit for I Can't Jump into the Pool too. There's a bootleg recording of LiS at our page.



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