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Never mind that Vimeo and Youtube are blocked here, Maybe Mars have released a new video for 24 Hours via their Youku channel. It's for the song Mr Stevenson from their new album No Party People, produced by Martin Atkins who has worked with bands such as Nine Inch Nails. 24 Hours are in town this Saturday at YYT for their album release party and it's a gig I'm really looking forward to.

The band are originally from Xi'an and used to be known as 24 Hour Party People (hence the album name joke) before they moved to Beijing to further their careers and signed to Maybe Mars. According to a source in Xi'an, the band played an "awesome" set last weekend for the homecoming leg of their album tour. I've been impressed with them the last few times I've seen them too - they were part of the Xi'an Takeover event at the Bund lighthouse here in Shanghai a couple of years ago, they've been back since as part of a Get in the Van night and I caught them up at Zhangbei as well.

Rustic, who won the Beijing GBOB recently, are supporting on Saturday together with The Snots. It kicks off at 9pm and will set you back just 40 kuai. Without wanting to spoil anything, apparently 24 Hours' opening song will feature audience participation and whistles, so be punctual.

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Yay! Sounds like a fun Saturday. Let's hope they have CDs this time. I don't want a repeat of the Casino Demon "CD release party".


Oh ... according to the Yuyintang Douban update ... the Shanghai support is actually The Snots.

Just checked with YYT, both Rustic and The Snots are playing

Dan has reviewed the album too. Check that out here

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