Also this weekend: Folk triple

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杭盖.jpgThe PC-BCR-DFG-B6 combo isn't the only show in town this weekend. If all that nudity and talk of crazy stage antics doesn't float your boat, there's a series of great folk/acoustic shows going on throughout the weekend instead/as well.

Going up against the craziness at MAO on Friday is Ninja Tune acoustic hero Fink. He's being brought in from the UK by the people at Micro Mu, who were also behind the Zhang Wei Wei and Guo Long live recording that I linked to a while back. In preparation for his show at Yuyintang on Friday, the people at Micro Mu have released an EP of his tracks for free. You can get it by going here. Completely different audience to Pet Conspiracy et al, but this is definitely a show to check out for anyone who's into their folk/acoustic stuff - anything on the Micro Mu net label is worth following and the fact that Fink is signed to Ninja Tune is another indicator of his quality. The details.

Saturday sees Hanggai at the Dream Factory. This six-piece are based in Beijing but their music is based on traditional Mongolian tunes and features the horse hair fiddle and the incredible Mongolian art of throat singing. That's them above. I've never seen these guys live before, but their reputation precedes them and they may well produce something equally as raucous as Pet Conspiracy on the Friday - just in their own way. Click here for some videos to whet your appetite. The details.

If you're not all folked out by Sunday, you can see how the locals do it with a 0093 Folk showcase back at Yuyintang in the afternoon. Fanqie Chaodan heads up a bill that includes Honey Roast Pork, White Wood and Sun Wenjie from Joker amongst others. The details.

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