Muscle Snog and 8 Eye Spy CDs coming your way soon

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8Eyespy.jpgFor real this time.

Back in late September, I said that the new Muscle Snog album - their first and possibly last studio long player - was due out on October 1st. It was, I wasn't lying. Trouble is, there were some problems with the ability to print the artwork and the CDs got held up at the factory. Same thing happened with 8 Eye Spy's record. It was frustrating.

But the latest word from Maybe Mars (both records were produced via the Maybe Noise label - a collaboration between the Beijing lot and Miniless) is that Mind Shop is being shipped to distribution points right about now and that 8 Eye Spy's album will be out this week too. That means you can soon get your grubby little hands on them right here in Shanghai. Brilliant. You'll find them at the usual places: Shanghai Tattoo down at the Cool Docks and 2049 (300, Guoding Lu, near Wujiaochang). Given that neither of these places are the easiest to get to (unless you're a student at Fudan or work at Kebabs on the Grill), you might want to call ahead to check they have them before you set out.

And these are a couple of records you are definitely going to want to buy. Don't believe me? Check out the new recording of Happy Dreamer on a Sad Bed that Muscle Snog just put up on their Douban artist page. Try the other tracks on for size too. You'll like them. For a taste of what 8 Eye Spy have to offer, hit up their MySpace

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Great news. I saw 8 Eye Spy when they passed through Beijing this past summer, and they blew me away.

Checked with 2046 today. They said most likely another week to two weeks before they get the discs. There's apparently been a distribution problem getting the last few Maybe Mars releases from Beijing to Shanghai.


It takes a frustrating long time for these releases to make it into the regular channels.

By the time the CD is released the tracks no longer sound new and exciting because the 96 bit versions have been posted at douban for months already. And by the time that they hit Amazon and Itunes people will have downloaded them from the Chinese music blogs.

Yeah it is a bit frustrating - even members of the band don't have the CD yet. I haven't got a physical copy, but I have heard Mind Shop all the way through now and believe me, it's worth the wait

If you're tired of waiting for these CDs, you can buy them online here and here.

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