Video: Zhong Chi at Indie Top One, Songjiang

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Remember Indie Top One? Sure you do, it was the culmination of the scene story of last year. After the show at the Dream Factory, Soma repeated things down in the new university district of town, Songjiang. One year on, Zhong Chi has uploaded this video of her performing the song I Can't Hide from the Songjiang show.

It's a professionally produced video and it all looks very nice, but ask yourself: does the crowd of teenagers that you see milling around on film really look like they're producing the rapturous crowd noises that you hear? Call me a cynic, but maybe, just maybe, this isn't the original sound from the day. Still, nice video. Check out more from Zhong Chi here.

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Nice spot Jake. It sounds like a stadium crowd... at a house party...

The song is the CD version too.

Reminds of the comedies with burst of laughter added on top so the viewers know what's funny and what's not...

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