Boys in Beijing

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xiaopengke.jpgYou guys up in the capital have been getting a whole load of Shanghai goodness coming your way lately. About time. First The Mushrooms tore shit up at MAO, then it was announced that Duck Fight Goose and Boojii were heading your way (three times no less) and now you're getting Boys Climbing Ropes up there too. Sure, BCR have played up north before, but this time, in addition to a 2 Kolegas show with the amazingness that is Reptile Retard, they're going to be on stage at the Strawberry Festival. Not too shabby.

We've spoken and blogged a bit before about how Shanghai has this reputation for cheesy rock and how the scene here always suffers in comparison to that in Beijing. Fine. But these three bands prove that there's more to it than that. These are three of my favourite bands. There's no need to add qualifiers like "in Shanghai" or "in China", they are three top quality bands on any scale. 

Boys Climbing Ropes played last night at the Stegosaurus? CD release thing (more on that in a minute) and, though they only played a few songs, they were brilliant. I'm not sure how many times I've seen them now, but they're just so good every time. I've written plenty before about how good Duck Fight Goose and Boojii are too. So yeah, get out and see all of three.

Maybe we don't have as developed a scene as Beijing here in Shanghai, but if Duck Fight Goose, Boojii and Boys Climbing Ropes are the bands we're exporting at the moment then people need to stop writing Shanghai off. With those three flying the flag for the city, we're doing alright.

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Fair credit to Stegosaurus for actually writing songs and getting on stage in front of an audience, but egads, don't you think they should, well, decide on an identity, write some songs and practice together before getting on stage? As a headliner? At a CD release party.


I guess in recent years, Shanghai was mostly representated by Cold Fairyland in BJ, as they had performed at minimum one Midi Music Festival (2004, I assume) before.

Let's see if that perception is going to changel...


Thanks for sharing Shanghai! Don't forget we share too though. Go check out Cassette tonight!

Hey Terence. You're absolutely right dude. Thanks for keeping it real. We definitely need to step it up. Playing tighter is something that always takes work. And we need it. I hope you had fun at the show though and enjoy the CD.

I thought that the Logo Stegosaurus? show was pretty good. Levi's guitar was kick ass where at YYT you can barely hear it. It was tighter too.

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