Pet Conspiracy reduced to a foursome

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p467774588.jpgLast month during Pet Conspiracy's performance at the Strawberry Festival, Helen Feng jumped off the front of the stage into the area between the stage and the crowd and crumpled. It was hard to see from where I was and it wasn't clear if she was lying on the floor singing as she some times does or if she was seriously hurt. Turned out to be the latter. She then got treated incredibly shoddily by organisers and relied on the generosity of a fan to get her to hospital. You can read her thoughts on it all here.

Anyway, upshot is that she's not fit enough to be jumping around the stage simulating sex with the other members of Pet Conspiracy and all that other oh-so-crazy stuff that they do during their live act. So when they hit MAO Livehouse this weekend as part of STD's 3 year anniversary (which also features Boys Climbing Ropes, shit loads of local DJs, Lymbyc System and Danger), Pet Conspiracy will be a mere quartet. Doesn't mean that they're not going to bring the noise and do all that crazy shit as usual mind and clearly this show at MAO is going to be huge anyway.

If you need a refresher, here's how it went down last time with Pet Conspiracy at MAO. Let's hope Helen makes a speedy recovery.

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