New Moon Tyrant + Ho-Tom's Mongolia diary

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moontyrant.jpgMoon Tyrant (that's them on the right having just devoured something) have put up a new track on their Douban. It's called 'I Am the Way', is self-produced, available for free download and you need to turn it all the way up to 11 when you listen to it. Click here to get on that and if you like what you hear, scroll on down that page for more free Moon Tyrant downloady goodness.

Moon Tyrant, as you probably know, were in Mongolia recently as part of the DJ BO-organised Rock Naadam tour. If you haven't read frontman Ivan's account of it on Shanghai24/7, you can do so here. For another round-up of what went down north of the border, you can check out a Mongolia tour diary from Ho-Tom the Conqueror (he of The Horde) right here.

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