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Neither of the bloggers on this website managed to make it to the metal night at MAO on Saturday, the Hell United event that we talked about on the podcast, but Andy found some great photos of Fearless performing and now "deathcore" band Six Shot have posted up a load of videos from their set. My favourite is this one (for the track Unanswered), which shows the crowd going absolutely nuts. If you're not into metal, I urge you to still click play on this one and watch what happens (the sound quality is only so-so anyway).

The guy on bass there is David Chiang who also plays in instrumental post-rock outfit Triple Smash who will be at the Roots and Shoots benefit gig this Saturday at YYT before starting their tour of southern China. The charity show also features blog favourites Boojii, Boys Climbing Ropes, Duck Fight Goose and Resist Resist amongst others (i.e. you don't want to miss it).

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That's so good. Now I'm really sorry I missed it.

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