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This is another one of those posts with a bunch of random links and what not, that aren't really related to each other except for the fact that they all relate to underground music here in Shanghai. Don't expect it to flow too well, but all the points are noteworthy. Let's go.

First up, check out the picture on the right. Fuck yeah. Hopefully the release party will be free so we can have some more of this.

Speaking of new albums, Pinkberry have managed to shift over 100 units of theirs in the first month. Maybe 100 doesn't sound like a lot, but bear in mind that the release party for the band's debut EP Go! Boom! was stomped all over by Haibao so they've not done badly. The band have recovered some of their mojo of late and have reportedly gone down particularly well in Zhu Lu He Feng's recent spate of university tours. You can catch them in action supporting Subs together with Boys Climbing Ropes on Friday at MAO Livehouse.

Zhu Lu He Feng's first round of university tours is now complete and, as I mentioned before, they've pulled in decent numbers. So much so that the label has received invitations from a load more universities to come and play on their campuses. Whether this can translate into more numbers at regular gig venues in the city is questionable of course, especially for students based way out in Songjiang or up in Yangpu, but hopefully it'll help feed into the scene in general and help the development of these young bands.

MR, newly signed to the Zhu Lu He Feng collective has put up a new track recently.

As has Sister Whale (a Velvet Underground cover), part of Grand Flower Children, who unfortunately had their gig with Cocoon messed up by a complete freakout 'personal issue' for the French duo the other week.

Even more exciting than that are two newly uploaded tracks from Duck Fight Goose. It's been a while since I engaged in the blogging equivalent of foaming at the mouth over this band, but I saw them last week as part of the TransmitChina thingy and they were as outstandingly brilliant as ever. Their Adventure of Strange Rock tour with Boojii winds up in Shanghai at MAO Livehouse on July 2 - you'd be an absolute fool to miss it. Talking to Yang Haisong (ahem, name dropping) outside LOgO last Friday, he was saying how much he likes the band and is keen to get them into the studio. Please can we have a DFG album soon?

And that's about your lot for now.

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I am with you on the DFG album plea. I really like those tracks, but are they supposed to sound like they were recorded on "Baby's First Microphone"? I know where they rehearse (Godot Studios) and they could definitely get better sound there.

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