Sing Runaway Snail's 'Fangdong Tai Tai'

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A little while back Pinkberry released an instrumental version of one of their tracks and invited people to lay down their own vocals and send it in for a competition on their Douban. Runaway Snail have now done the same thing with their sing-along 'Frenchman and his Landlady' or 'Faguo Ren yu Fangdong Tai Tai'. Here's what the band say:

'As millions of migrant workers return to Shanghai after the Spring Festival, Shanghai's housing problems have once again come to the fore. Good accommodation affects your life, love, job and mood. Who doesn't want a little space to call their own? Who doesn't want a good landlady? That's why Runaway Snail have decided to hold the 2011 'Fangdong Tai Tai I Love You Cover Competition.'  

So if you want to pick up the mic and lay down your own version of the song, click here, download the instrumental and then send your version to The video embedded here should refresh your memory of what the original sounds like.

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Runaway Snail were quite great at that Mao Livehouse closing concert thing. Tis a fine band.

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