Tonight: Rainbow Danger Club's album release

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live bar feb 26 023.jpgThere's a few shows going on tonight, but really, you and I have both known for a while that I was going to head to Live Bar. Rainbow Danger Club have become one of my favourite Shanghai bands and their album release is an event not to be missed. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the new LP, Where Maps End, a couple of weeks ago and I've hardly stopped listening to it since. I can't believe you don't know this already, but tonight the album gets its release at Live Bar and it promises to be quite a show. Here's a few links to get you in the mood:

Listen to 'Enduring Love' from the new album
Download the EP (if for some bizarre reason you haven't done so already)
Read Zack Smith on why this is 'one of the most anticipated albums in Shanghai rock's recent history'
Listen to a couple of tracks from the album and read an interview with Nichols over at SmartShanghai

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