Did I mention Pet Conspiracy are playing tonight?

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petmoon.jpgSavour those naturist photos of Pet Conspiracy. The album has now mysteriously disappeared. In its place though, are a series of shots from a photo shoot for Moon magazine. They're not as funny, they're just gory, but there's some nudity there if that's what you're after. Turns out that's where the one of them holding cigarettes for each other comes from as well. You can download the magazine, which features an interview with the band (in Chinese) here. Or just look at the pictures here.

So a recap then:

Pet Conspiracy tonight at MAO, 9pm, 60 kuai. One of the hottest bands from Beijing right now, this show is going to be crazy.

Boys Climbing Ropes in support. One of the finest bands in Shanghai, these guys are always brilliant live. Check out the latest podcast for one of their tracks.

Duck Fight Goose on the bill too. Take LAVA/OX/SEA's Hans, Boojii/Muscle Snog's San San, Boojii/Hard Queen's Damen and Muscle Snog's Panda and you've got yourself some of the finest musicians in the country. In one band.

Don't miss this.

I'm not affiliated with this show in any way, I just want you all to come because if we can pack out MAO, this show is going to be unforgettable. Be there.

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Yeah, believe it or not, all this plugging the gig is strictly for our own benefit. We just want the show to be busy so we can enjoy it properly.

Although I suspect that the 60 kuai ticket and potentially long and late running may keep away a section of locals fans, hope not though.

Can Antidote get 800 people in? Let's see.

You are becoming a veritable hype machine.

I'll be interested to know what you think of Pet. I saw them in Beijing with their big ol' stage set. It was interesting seeing a Chinese band (well, sort of Chinese) up the stage production like that, but possibly a case of ... well, I'll leave you to your own opinion

Have fun!

Actually, I not a fan a retro synth pop at all.

But I am a massive fan of sub-culture and people who do their own thing. We need a lot more of that in Shanghai. Be it these guys or be it the Subs, we need to see more bands that inspire or up the game.

Free thought, expression, creativity ... these are all just natural states for humans. However, most people need to see it in action to wake up a bit as it's not encouraged much these days.

I mean, lets see what happens tonight, if people can't get excited about this show but they are pumped to spend ten times more on designer clothes, cocktails and vacuous bars - well, there's a lot more hype work to be done.

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