It's on (and I'm off)

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2000sduel.jpgEvery time about this time of year we're inundated with end of year lists. This year, listmakers have been outdoing themselves with end of the decade lists and what not. Some of these I put more stock in than others.

Morgan has done his usual piss-yourself-laughing-hilarious lists of flyers (here for the good, here for the bad) and he's also done a round up of his favourite gigs from the last twelve months (here). Andy's contributed his own thoughts on that last category here. Morgan's also done one on DJs by asking nearly everyone in Shanghai to submit their favourite DJ performance from the year. I'm in there (as a contributor, not as a DJ) way, way down near the bottom somewhere.

Over at Layabozi, Zack's got an interesting take on the whole listmas (sorry) thing by organising a kind of list showdown, a fight to the internet-based death. Bring it. You can read about the whole thing here and the lists themselves should be going up in the next couple of days, including one from me, so get out and vote dammit.

Finally, I'm heading back to the UK for a little bit so the blog will slow down a bit. In the meantime, I have a sneaking suspicion someone else might pick up the slack... 

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