The best show of 2009

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Well, yes, there's always a bunch of lists and picks going up at the end of the year. 

This was my story of 2009

Where to start with shows. What a list to choose from. Blimey.

To be fair, I've always known what I'd write here since the day of the show itself. This was a show that transcended it's existence as merely a good show. It was the embodiment of all that was good and that worked in the scene this year. 

I give you ... drum roll please ... The Mushrooms play Yuyintang May 29th 2009.

Here was a band that was one of the hot prospects in the scene. But, after signing with Soma they had a major line up change and seemed to be losing the plot. Singer Pupu realized what was going on and the band re-united with their 0093 and Yuyintang roots. They got back to basics, practiced hard, and started to 'grass roots' organise via Douban. Over the summer they put on three themed shows at Yuyintang to connect with their new fans.

The second show exploded and they have never looked back. This show featured the wildest crowd YYT had seen for ages, band members reduced to tears and Pupu stage diving for the first time. What's more, this kind of show would usually only kick off when a big name Beijing band came to town but here were home grown heroes who had truly 'arrived'.

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Your site is about Shanghai's underground. This story shines light onto some of the darker things going on in China.

If you read more than one post back you'll see we do cover the 'darker' side.

It's not cool to spam my comments with links without making some genuine comment on the post. Next time, please link the site in your name and make the comment about the post.

In fact, I'll have to edit the comment to do that.

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