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So we recently had some year end articles and lists, but after that comes the predictions for the New Year. Oh, it never ends.

So, when you pick up That's Shanghai at the end of the month, the January issue will include a special music scene preview featuring 2010 predictions from me, Super Sophia (Yuyintang) and Alec Haavic (Jazz scene). Surprisingly, I saw that some Expo talk was kept in. Except that certain people's views on it, like their music, seem to be confined to an elevator-like space. Zing!

Ok, so there was a photo shoot too. Freud says that some narcissism is healthy. Honest.


Andy Best That's

Photo and upcoming article courtesy of Nicky Almasy.

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What? You're only now getting around to conceding your narcissism? Actually, the only thing missing from this post is the usual declaration that everybody who doesn't also live your low-rent Western-style indie lifestyle is an uncultured loser. Get to to it, Andy boy.


But, may I ask, what is 'Western' about living low rent? And why is it more narcissist than say, an Armani wearing banker touting his shutter shades around Bar Rogue using his money made from exploiting the 3rd world and blabbing away about how the poor are lazy and Ayn Rand was a genius.

You don't have to think you are better than people like that. You'd have to make a big conscious effort not to be.

There you go, the usual declaration. Err ... Paul Westerberg.

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