Top Floor Circus - Shanghai Welcomes You (Celebrity version)

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lu chen tee
I have to get something out of the way first. Recently, some sites and people who previously might have given you the impression that they are big Expo supporters, have started posting on the anti-Expo anthem of the underground Shanghai Welcomes You.

Let's establish a time line. When was the song first being performed by and enjoyed by people on the cultural scene who are painfully aware of the real ramifications of the Expo?

Yes, one year late, chaps and chapettes. Never mind there's still time to get some values and get off the Expo.

So. Another disclaimer. If you don't have a reasonable grasp on Mandarin and a bit of Shanghainese too, the song is going over your head.

And finally to the point of the post:

At their Douban page, Top Floor Circus have posted up a hilarious version of Shanghai Welcomes You. It is done in the style of a celebrity anthem where various stars take turns singing the lines. It's not that new and doesn't feature the newer, angrier, version Shanghai Doesn't Welcome You. Still ...

Go to the page here and check it out. It's near the bottom (上海欢迎你) and is the one with over 14000 hits as of today. 

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I hear it's a good song to open a DJ set with too, goes down a treat

Yes, you're right. Especially when the audience don't have a clue what it is and don't understand the words either. Ha.

Well. I liked it anyway.

You should stick to sure fire crowd pleasers like that song about the Bomb.

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