Youtube Youku: BCR play in Beijing

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Shanghai was representing in the capital last weekend with X is Y and Boys Climbing Ropes playing in Yugongyishan and 2kolegas respectively.

Beijing DIY music blog Pangbianr blogged it all here.

And here's the video of BCR at 2kolegas, the track is Little Person. And if you like your post-punk stylings, BCR and IDH will play Yuyintang this Sunday 21st.

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That was a fun night. Attendance wasn't all that hot, alas... Beijing, she is a tough nut to crack.

The other band we got to play with was this band called Wanderlust.

Three kids playing three korgs with some pre-produced beats on an iPod. 'Twas quite awesome. Might not be your thing, Andy (a distinct OMD influence), but all the same, you're readers should check them out.

They also have a track on the Zoomin' Night comp from pangbianr:

Hopefully someone can get them to come down. Maybe pangibianr can get a showcase of these bands down to Shanghai soon....

One other link. IDH have a song out on this website, ahead of their China tour:

Wanderlust are pretty ace.
They all play in other bands like Carpet Of Let and Ice Seller.
weliveinbeijing did a big article/interview with Zuo Wei here:,-I-Thought-I-Really-Saw-Music%27

Pretty sure they are coming to Shanghai soon and doing a whole China tour.

This final link concludes me pimpin' this Sunday's IDH show:

Rhys, Morgan, you can use the 'a' html tag in comments for links.

Good info and links. Yeah, I have mentioned the Sunday show in the post above. I'm quite excited, although I'll have to drug myself up with flu medicine.

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