Runaway Snail put up a track

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fanqiechaodan.jpgAll these songs being put out, it's like Christmas is coming early.

Remember Runaway Snail? Of course you do, they're the excellent new band from Fanqie Chaodan, that I wrote about here and here and that Andy and I raved about here. Well, now you don't have to base your judgement on the crappy video I shot as they've put up a quality recording of Frenchman and His Landlady on their Douban. Listen to it here.

It's a witty song about a French friend of Fanqie Chaodan who lives next to Yuyintang and gets so wrapped up in a Mogu Hong gig one night that he loses track of time and returns home to find he's locked out. This results in him shouting at his landlady to let him in - the sing-a-long chorus that you hear.

Go give it a whirl.

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