Podcast Six: Pinkberry "The Pinkberry Song"

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Podcast number six then. And it goes a little something like this: an important announcement is followed by a review of last weekend (Mao's grand opening, Rock for Roots & Shoots), a little chat about a venue closure and a certain local band's releasing of full length tracks and then a look ahead to this weekend's action.

For those of you listening online and not on an iPod or something, you can click away to your heart's content with these links right here.

Update: The points we mention from the Layabozi review were made by site editor Mike, not Zack. Sorry.

Mao's Grand Opening
A response to the Crystal Butterfly piece*
Rock for Roots & Shoots

The closure of 696 Live Bar
The Mushrooms release full length tracks

More on the 0093 CD
Top Floor Circus
Bang Bang Tang
Bang Bang Tang's music video for I Love Flawed Men Best
Pinkberry's MV shoot
Extremo band Double Control Where
More on Mono

* Since we recorded this podcast, Lisa Movius has, to her credit, responded to the post on Crystal Butterfly. You should read her comments too.

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Hey, fellas--

Just listening to the pod, which is great as usual. Just wanted to let everyone know that Mike from Layabozi actually wrote the glowing review of Jason Falkner. I actually had to miss the show.

MONO are a great band and Ashura is one of the best bands hailing from Chengdu. They have a tour history going back 'till 2004 and have two CDs out. I wouldn't call them "Britpop", rather more "New Metal" in the way that Crazy Town (think of "Butterfly, sugar, baby").

Nice songs of Pinkberry, reminded me of Joan Jett and "I love Rock'n'Roll"

I'm loving the podcast guys. I look forward to the next season!

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