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neocha netlabel release is a net portal for Chinese musicians and artists but they wear many hats. Regulars to the blog will have seen footage from the recent Notch festival that they organised. Neocha also pioneered their own embeddable media player Next that gives you access to their entire online database.

They have just put out their latest compilation Tomorrow's Afternoon Tea. This is a free net release showcasing female indie/folk artists from the Neocha community. It features some bands previously covered on this blog, for example Bang Bang Tang. 

Without further ado ... please go straight ---> here <--- and DL the complete album.

I have and it's good. On a completely unrelated note: last night's 0093 show was a really good night but several people I met there were completely new to most of the bands. If they read this, and other blogs, it wouldn't be a problem. So, if you are reading this, why not spread the word. If you like this blog, promote it ... just a simple link or mention on your own site would help greatly. The same goes for all related sites. Neocha, for example, is a great site to explore whether you are in China or not. 

See this old blog of Dan's for details: spread the word. Oh, for some reason I can't find that post over at City Weekend now. Help! Well, you know, it was Dan Shapiro urging you to do anything to promote the scene.

I leave you with the track listing for the Neocha release:


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