The Mushrooms update their online profiles

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pu pu bleachHaving been signed by Soma's Indietop label, had a line up change and shortened their name from Crazy Mushroom Brigade to just The Mushrooms (Mogu Tuan) ... takes breath ... The Mushrooms have lately updated their online homes to reflect their new selves.

They now have an official Douban artist page with promo shots and a track from the upcoming CD:

Douban page for The Mushrooms

Singer Pupu has also made a new Tudou channel for preview clips and updates:

Pupu @ Tudou

From here on out I'm going to use the English tag The Mushrooms for articles on the band so keep that in mind when searching for older posts. So yeah, older posts. Let's do a retrospective:

Crazy Mushroom brigade live @ YYT
Video: CMB live @ YYT
Crazy Mushroom brigade enter ex-pat thought
YYT's Lin Lin picks CMB in interview
Jiaoban One @ YYT
Video: Jiaoban One
Indietop release compilation CD
The Mushrooms debut new line up at the Indietop Showcase

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