Youtube Youku: Mutant (突变乐队)

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We have a had a huge string of packed out, quality gigs by bands who have emerged as finished products lately. We've had labels, festivals and international acts. And what I can't help thinking is: what's going on with Tu Bian (Mutant), the student nu-death-metal band with the cool singer. The girl who went so effortlessly between death-grunting, singing and some rapping.

So, I had a poke around and found exactly what I was looking for. A poor quality video of a sketchy early show by Tu Bian up in Live Bar. Plus, its on Youku so the upload drops so many frames that the song always goes out with the picture. Bonus.

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Nice growling by that girl.

What kind of mic do you use for the recordings? Or is it the build-in one of your cam? Maybe you should think of getting a better mic for esp. the bass lines, as the voice is ok, but guitar/bass distortion is too much for the mic ;)

Eh? oh, no ...that's not one of mine. I just found it on Youku.

All my own videos are just done with a digital stills camera that has a basic video feature, not even a dedicated video camera. I hate the idea of taking a big camera to shows. I just whip out the small cam for one song, then get back to enjoying the show.

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