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Aeriola JrWe interrupt your usual programming with a service announcement.

After a bit of consideration, I've decided to open up commenting on the posts. So, you no longer need to register. Select 'comment anonymously' and the usual form will appear with spaces for name, e-mail and an optional link to your own blog.

I haven't really promoted the site much aside from posting to my facebook page but now, in month three, i'm getting close to 800 individual visitors per month. I think some of you might comment if you didn't have to register. Also, I think it's not enough readers to include a bunch of bigot type commenters. Well, I hope not. To keep things in perspective, when I posted music reviews at Shanghaiist, they had 200 000 individual IPs on a bad month. To be fair, Gothamist is just a tad more established than a three month old personal blog.

In other site news, the kungfuology main site has been very slow lately. This is unfortunately down to the well documented ex-pat woes this summer. My partner in crime for that site has been jumping through hoops for weeks and making vids about kung fu has been way down on the priority list. Hope you all understand. Talking of ex-pat woes, let's finish with this disturbing update on the previous post ... gulp.  

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