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The continued dominance of Self Party on the blog Youtube Channel and the swift rise of the latest Modern Cheese video has confirmed a couple of suspicions. If I put up a post basically begging readers to check out a certain video, they will. Thanks. Also, bands that have their shit together pass on stuff and get others to check it out too.

Lets have a quick perspective check though. My blog readership is up to about 1000 individual IPs in a month. The top rated video on the channel has 140 views. Now, some videos on have thousands of views. Some videos of cats slipping on a polished surface have over one million views. On the other hand, this blog is for, about and by people who like counter culture. My readership and views are actually above the average attendance for the shows I cover. 

So, whatever It might actually mean, here's the current top six viewed videos on my Youtube channel.

The channel itself is here.

1) Self Party play the Miniless Records showcase at Yuyintang. 140 views  watch
2) Bang Bang Tang at Yuyintang. 111 views watch
3) Crazy Mushroom Brigade rock out. 76 views watch
4) Modern Cheese perform with new singer. 72 views watch
5) Hard Queen back at Yuyintang. 64 views watch
6) The Shy Tall Mighty old school punk. 58 views watch

Why not show support for your favourite video by introducing it to your friends and pushing it up the chart? I encourage that sort of behaviour. 

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How are you shooting the videos? Like a digital camera or a real cam corder thing?

Hi Morgan, the clue is in the picture quality. It's just the video feature on my Sony Cybershot compact. I'm actually pretty impressed with the sound quality considering that it's a small condensed mic in a compact digital camera and that the sound is so loud 'raw'. I always assumed it would come out as an overdriven blur.

Beware, you're next when I hit Dream Factory tomorrow.

By the way, the FNU vid we shot with Aric and Happy Strings is done on a big camera, the Canon XL2 with proper sound and editing. If you want to get some good footage of BCR or shoot a music vid or what have you, just say the word. I'm in free of charge.

For the blog stuff, I just want to get a quick clip then put it away so I can watch for myself. The XL2 has a kit. HD camcorders do almost the same pictures but it's the XLR jacks and multi channel external sound possibilities that set apart big cameras. You get proper white balancing and saturation too.

I'll see you at Too Koo tonight if ya want to natter about it or whatever.

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