Back 'atcha Louis: indie pop

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bang bang tang octoberOne good turn deserves another. Louis plugged the blog on his college radio show and now it's time to pay him back. Louis is a massive indie pop fan so let's have a look back and listen at one of Shanghai's premier indie pop acts Bang Bang Tang.

Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop) play guitar indie pop that uses mainly slow songs with folk elements. Singer Xiao Bai has a great voice and the band are great musicians. They have some of the all time favorite videos on my channel, like this one and this one. You can also revisit some older posts on them here and here

So have a listen to some of their demos via our friends at Neocha. It's auto play and so after the jump.

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Thanks Andy, I love it, they're great :) Although with a name like Bangbangtang you would be expecting teenage power pop (the music was suprisingly good). Wicked.
Although for true payback I'm still expecting that you will write a punk rock song with the lyric "Louis is single and available, so come snatch him up..."

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