0093 showcase #8 @ Yuyintang

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I'm back in the action. Tonight at Yuyintang was the 0093 Studio's eighth showcase gig. A little bird told me that I have just acquired a bunch of new readers so I'll just go over it again. 

0093 are a rehearsal studio in an underground ex-bomb shelter. They hold monthly shows at Yuyintang where new bands on their books get the chance to play at a proper venue. The shows usually feature at least six bands, eight tonight, who are usually backed by one or two experienced bands to keep the crowd in it. Read this for more info.

Here was the line up for tonight:

1.大新鲜乐团 (Da Fresh)
2.The Rovers 
3.静水乐队 (Jing Shui)
4.重结晶 (Zhong Jie Jin)
5.突变乐队 (Tu Bian)
6.My Chilly Hurt 
8.自由数(Ziyou Shu)

The only band there with any kind of reputation and online material are Da Fresh. You can hear a demo right here. Don't worry if you can't read Chinese, you'll spot the MP3 player right of the bat. 

So. I came down primarily to see Jing Shui - who canceled. The turn out was great tonight and it seems that Yuyintang have made a permanent breakthrough with the local audiences. There were chaotic scenes at the door as eight bands worth of close friends tried to walk in nonchalantly without paying. By the time the first band was about to come on the hall was full and ready to go. Except they didn't come on. After another thirty minutes of waiting around, a YYT staff member gingerly took the stage and announced, "has anyone seen Da Fresh? Are they in there?" After another ten minutes or so the same staff member took the stage again and gingerly asked if the second band were there either. Eventually someone played.

With Jing Shui out of the picture I was looking to Da Fresh for the Quality. Both bands play the Brit-Rock style. Da Fresh did eventually come on and played a professional set of catchy Brit-Rock style songs. Video soon to follow. The band have been around a while but the show didn't compare to the energy of recent Brit-Rock shows by knockout groups like The Way and Casino Demon. I had fun hanging with blog reader Neil and talking football with him and YYT part owner Sun Lu, who likes Crystal Palace. This review is lacking a point today as the band with the potential to move on to greater things didn't show.

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