Miniless Records 2009 showcase coming to town

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Miniless 2009 showcase flyer
Miniless Records are a Zhejiang based underground/DIY label for experimental bands. Regulars to the blog will remember I went to the CD release for their band Fading Horizon not so long ago. They have an amazing stable of bands these days that ranges from polished 'finished products' like Fading Horizon, through cult bands like Self Party to newcomers like Acoelomate Goat.

Go here and listen to FH's Twice
Go here and listen to AG's The pretty shortcut to my nervous wonderland

While you're at it, check out Miniless Records' site here.

So, next month on the 27th, they are back in town with a kick-ass showcase that is a dream for experimental fans. As well as Shanghai's own Boojii, we have Lava|OX|Sea, Self Party and Fading Horizon on the same bill. There's only one drawback in that it's being promoted by STD who are 'party people'. They did their best to scupper their Hedgehog show a while back by playing dance music between rock bands and flitting around YYT exhibiting obnoxious 'party people' behaviour. Still, this is not a show to miss for fans of the genre.

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