Pepsi / SMG TV bands show a predictable fiasco

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Way back in, err, April 3rd, Shanghaiist blogged about the upcoming show on TV which would invite all independent and underground bands to compete.

Well, the first 'battle' and filming took place this week and was a predictable fiasco. In fact, it was so completely balls in every way that prominent scene figures are making official statements and debates are raging in various threads around Douban.

The basic gist is this. SMG (TV company) don't have a fucking clue. Bands turned up to see that no equipment had been provided at all. People were expected to plug cables into the PA board directly, a bad one at that and bands were told not to bother sound checking. The judges were SMG regular presenters with no music knowledge who made ignorant comments all night long, angering the experienced bands. Finally it came out that SMG had guanxi-siphoned the sponsorship money away too.

There's too much stuff to link and it's all in Chinese. The main statements are from YYT's Zhang Haisheng and The Mushroom's singer Pupu. The gist is that they weren't expecting much but the whole thing was just downright offensive and they will be boycotting the show from now on. I leave you with Pupu's Douban announcement:


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