Where's Waldo Andy? More Mushrooms photos

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So, another gallery has gone up of the Mao grand opening night from the Mushroom's set. You can see it here. Also. Jake wrote up the night here and the night and some of it's surrounding articles have inspired him to write this

Long term readers of the blog will know who the Mushrooms are and should not be surprised that they have come through. Never mind the genre (they have long since moved on from genre rap-metal to ...err ..modern emo/commercial metal?), their shows are great and they have buckets of that magical appeal that all these analyst types are clawing around for. 

This is it, your moment is in:

mushrooms live mao crowd me

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This is a great photo too

You can tell from Andy's face in that photo it's a good gig.


Ha, busted. Do I see a Jake in there too?

That's why I like it. Ha!

Great expression from Steve in that one as well, better than the last photo of us three at Mao

Why am i licking someone hand? I don't remember that?!

I just want to add down here, that after reading about the success of the Owl City show, I finally went over to the Douban page for them, I assume it was set up by Split for the China gigs.

So, I listened to their songs for the first time, heard Fireflies and The Christmas Song. How can I describe the experience.

I wanted to isolate myself from humanity, jam forks into my ears so I could never hear music again and then sit back at the mouth of my mountain cave and await the inevitable end of the world through environmental disaster.

What's worse, when you look at the list of people who follow the page, your friends show up first so I saw a bunch of people who surely would never listen to that. It shows how robotically click happy social networking sites make people.

So you're saying you liked it?

It's clearly the last thing he ever wants to hear and all other audio stimulus pales in comparison.

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