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Note: be sure to get to the very end of the Layabozi article because there's a great gallery of the interview there for all people who know the old 'F-visa Ghetto.'

Other sites are always stepping up with good long features these days. Here comes another long form interview from Layabozi.

The guys took Boys Climbing Ropes' Morgan and Pei Pei (A.K.A. Little Punk) and had a sort of Xingfu Road nostalgia trip. It resulted in a great interview that is reflective, personal and genuinely interesting.

Here's a sample quote:

LYBZ: Going back to the songs of the album "Grow Up". It says "grow up, stop fucking around"? Has someone said that to you?

Pp: I think Morgan likes to say stuff like "stop fucking around!!!" because it makes the song less serious or less poetic
M: It's like someone says some kind of criticism of your life, I find that if you take the criticism and repeat it eight times in a row to music that constantly builds, you can turn it around as, like, not a criticism anymore, to some kind of weird anthem, like "you will always be a loser."
Pp: Yeah! Totally influenced by that one. They repeat it like ten times.
M: That one of Titus Andronicus. So he takes the criticism and spins it back, and you turn it into an anthem then it's okay to be a looser, or it's okay to not grow up, it's empowering. Then grow up, stop being an idiot get your life together, stop being an idiot and get your life together, you take that and you know, you turn it into your own little thing.

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