Battle Cattle are on the go

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This one has crept up on me to be honest, but it's time to give a band some deserved attention.

Battle Cattle are a Shanghai band who have been gigging around, not taking themselves too seriously and just enjoying their favorite styles of ska/80's rock/post punk. But now they have racked up a bunch of stage time and material and recorded a CD, with P.K. 14's Yang Haisong mixing. 

Go here to their bandcamp page and listen to the excellent preview tracks starting with Modern Mother.

Success! It's quality and they've managed to realize their vision for the sound and style. I love it.

What's more - look right - the CD is being released at Logo in just a week, on Friday 9th. The line up includes much underrated band Yan Tiao as a bonus. 

The Shanghai bands' album releases just keep coming. 

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