Blog comments, yeah, I know.

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I'm sure this seems more than a little self-important to casual readers. It is in response to inquires though, and we did used to have quite a bit of fun on the comments. 

It may seem a bit off, putting up discursive and provocative posts like this one:

... and then having the comments turned off on the blog. Actually, I love to get comments, love to talk about stuff and used to always put longer comments and rebuttals into new posts for further discussion.

Here's the sad truth. I am just one guy doing this blog with limited resources. Once me and Jake's writing got over a certain amount of traffic, the spam-o-pocalypse began. And at one time, it completely crashed the blog. I don't have the resources or the willpower to go up a level to what needs to be done to deal with it. So they stay off.


The blog has a mail that I check often: andy(at)kungfuology(dot)com 

If you really think something here warrants response, agreeing or disagreeing, or adding - then either send me an e-mail or write your own blog post and send me the link. If it's substantial enough I'll get it up as a new post.

Hint: "You're wrong," or "No, it isn't," are not substantial. Also, I don't tend to take anonymous stuff seriously at all. If you want to protect your privacy and stay out of public life - then stay out of public life and accept what that means. 

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