Youtube: Mo Xie live @ Yuyintang

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This was a packed weekend in which I saw a whole range of performances. This included the latest 0093 showcase, Beijing folk singer Mimi Liang, Boys Climbing Ropes' best show ever and Hedgehog, one of the best live acts in the country. So, without further ado, I bring you an obscure death metal band from Suzhou. They are very good and student metal fans here knew them enough to make a trip away from the university neighbourhood and pay entrance to see them (an extremely big deal on average student budgets). Mo Xie have great arangements, stick with the track. Death to false metal.

Also. At the risk of making my wife think she's in a sham marriage, will the guy I met at the Hedgehog show who knew me from the blog and was about to video the show please get in touch via e-mail or the comments. thanks. Due to the loud rock band playing, I only caught 50% of all conversations I had.



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