More hot nudity on Kungfuology

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So, with the Pet Conspiracy gig tomorrow at Mao all eyes were on their daring new back to nature photo shoot - as reported by our man Jake here. I then followed up by reporting on previous avant garde antics by Shanghai's own Torturing Nurse here

But stop the press. If, like me, you have the Pleasure To Be Here CD from Boys Climbing Ropes  then you have probably opened it up and checked the inside.

Kaboom! In your faces! BCR, also on Friday's bill, were way ahead of the game coming in before either of the aforementioned acts. By the way, you all know I'm using those 'in your face' type comments ironically ..right? But, also, you know ...snap!!

bcr bathroom

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We just need Duck Fight Goose to take off their clothes and we've got a full set for Friday. Then maybe the people on the door can tell audience members that it's a nude-only show and they have to strip on entry. Is that taking it too far?

Not far enough Jake- I say foreskins back as well.

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