Exile Parade coming to Yuyintang next week

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north west
OK. So there's this hot new Brit rock band called Exile Parade coming to Shanghai and I'm going to do a special plug for them as they come from the North West of England (see map).

See the part named Merseyside? Yup, that's where I'm from ... and yes, everyone from there talks as much as I do. No seriously, ask a British friend. The correct way to express your displeasure with said talking habit is to refer to me as a scouse twat. But, don't, or I'll twat yer, yer prick.

So yeah, Exile Parade.

They probably don't need my help for this gig, they have brought the heat to Douban and are all over the main sites. If you Google them you'll find they are recommended by some of the elder statesmen of the genre too.

BUT. Hotpot music are doing the show and have booked a Wednesday night and are charging 120 rmb. That is usually the kiss of death at YYT right there as we saw recently with The Thermals

So here I am to say that this will obviously be worth it. Exile Parade are exactly the kind of quality band that you f*ckers are moaning you can't see here. And now they're here - so go. or I'll lamp you one. I'm going to belt ya anyway for not realising that we have quality bands in Shanghai to start with, by the way.

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Opening for Exile Parade is hot local boy band Boys Climbing Ropes. They do kind of a mersey beat thing.

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