Pinkberry EP release show and free track

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xiao you
Well, fair play to Lezi of Sonnet and now label Zhu Lu He Feng.

He formed a label, singed four bands and has got their first release coming out within three months or so of starting. Sign bands - release music. It proves we should all 学韩涵 (learn from Miniless).

So first out of the gate is Pinkberry. They have a CD coming out called Go! Boom! and the release party at Yuyintang has been announced. They have a new track available at their page which is a Chinese language version of their song Live In Live, now titled 我听到天使的声音 (I heard the sound of an angel). The track has big flashy production and a retooled sound. 

Listen to it here at their Douban page. Although all the old demos are gone now and the other track is singer Xiao You guesting on a Tim Wu hip-hop song.

The event is at Yuyintang on Saturday 24th of this month. Check the flyer and details here via Douban. Other bands playing are Sonnet, Joker and Manbanpai so expect a busy night with mostly local fans. And me and Jake.

End note: Blimey we have been following this band since this show. And now they have a CD coming out on a scene label. Good job guys.

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Wow! You were whinging about lighting all the way back then still!

did i spell whinging right? not sure.


It was so bad back then.

For bands to be good live there are many factors, some of them technical. Taking care of lighting and sound properly is important.

When DOA played here they insisted all the lights were just up and left up Joey Sh*thead even said, we want us all to be able to see each other.

I think it's so important to have the front lights up and the audience in the near dark. Also, I did a theatre degree and lights training for rigs with 200 lights. So I notice that shit all the time.

I didn't continue with it very far because of ladders. Most rigs can be dropped but once your set and there's an adjustment to be made, someone's going up there, way up thee.

Whine whine whine.

You heard it here first folks. Andy Best, poet, charlatan and fearful of ladders.

Just got douban email from Pinkberry about 20 minutes ago.

Another new track - Diego Maradona

Production has really been picked up - reminds a bit of Lockjaw-era Dance Hall Crashers

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