Break for Borneo EP and other stuff

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reflector at caomei
That's a photo of Reflector playing the Strawberry Festival.

This weekend just gone, there were all kinds of good shows. I got to none of them. Arse. I work weekends and had not caught up on sleep. Instead I spend a bit of downtime following other blogs, watching TV shows from bed and listening to some tracks.

Shanghai reggae/tropical rock band Break For Borneo have an EP out. It's now available for listening online at a site called Sound Cloud. 

Also, China Music Radar links a piece - it's a Huffington Post article on the China music scene, of all things. I sent those wankers the Top Floor Circus story twice to no avail (or reply) and now here they are running a shallow and annoying non-story on the same scene. 


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holy hurdles, did you take that photo?!? i dunno how the music sounded but that picture sure sets the tone. hey, thanks for the shout on the ep. did you know we are opening up for the split works production of frank turner this friday at yuyintang? and being the prolific songwriting ensemble that we are, we will have some new songs for you to shake your booty to! and from what i hear, this frank turner is quite the legend...

I did know - and I'll be there on Friday.

The photo is off their Douban page.


That picture really rocks. Beyond any auto service departments that would take me to see this extravagant performance – I would love to go too! Well, I heard that the Shanghai reggae/tropical rock band Break For Borneo have an EP out and thanks for the link I’d check it out.

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