Layabozi refit, Weihai 696 feeling the heat, other stuff

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Shanghai music website Layabozi has finally released their new look site after many months of fiddling in private. But what surprised me was that reading the first new post I learned that they too have been around two years.

In fact, I checked their archives and they predate me by two posts. Curses!

Elsewhere on the web, Shanghai Eye reports that the Weihai Road 696 art centre is also feeling the Expo heat.

Also, China Music Radar has been taking a leaf out of the Kenneth Tan manual lately and throwing up stuff that is likely to cause a stir. And it's all good stuff.

The latest is an article on touring in China that sets new standards for broad types.

It's even called Crazy China (in the mock Japanese font)

By the way - come to our blog party or else!

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Yes! it's finally done! (I'm coming back from celebrating we actually did it). I didn't know we were ahead on two posts though. ...We better hurry and start to write more while the pink power still keeps you hypnotized!
(thanks for the photo Andy, that was a nice page)

hey man, nice blog...really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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