City Weekend revamp leaves music blog looking good

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Dan Shapiro
Outside of Kungfuology here, there are few mainstays in the music blogging world of Shanghai. This is especially true of Chinese language sites too. Get it together, someone.

One of the other regulars is Dan Shapiro (pictured) who has been writing City Weekend's music column for ages now. He's usually pegged back by CW's bad formatting and general reputation but check it out - a site revamp has left his page looking pretty good.

A scroll down the page shows a lot of quality posts. Check out this mini-interview with Duck Fight Goose's Han Han:

With more interviews and previews and less reviews, it seems to compliment us just fine, so add in the feed. Do it.

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Alas, Dan only has about three more columns left for them. Hopefully he'll keep writing about music when he can

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