Glow Curve and others to watch

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Beijing's Glow Curve are on their way to Shanghai and will be playing Yuyintang on Thursday 19th. They will be playing together with Duck Fight Goose which will create a death-ray rock supernova. Well, go to the band's sites to get the actual sounds.

Glow Curve used to be called Maze (Mi Gong). At their page I found a link to a good CNNGo article intro-ing them and four other Beijing based bands. It's from June and is timely as the word on Beijing right now is stagnation and a bit of digging shows that's not necessarily true. 

At the time it was written these bands were not really under the radar here and all of them had played Shanghai. Streets Kill Strange Animals and Birdstriking had played memorable shows. Mr Graceless are on Maybe Mars and have since been brought down for a Wooozy showcase. However, it's true that these bands are doing things in Beijing so check out the article.

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Glow Curve is a great band that deserves checking out! the lead guitarist/vocalist Xue Ran is also one of the guys who runs Raying Temple, Beijing's best fully DIY performance/recording/etc space

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