Ren Hang hardcover book out now

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ren hang xiao na
Beijing based photographer Ren Hang is one of the leading lights of the underground/avant-garde arts scene here and frequently crosses over with the music community.

We had him down for an event and several shoots. 

Ren Hang is an amazing artist, cool to be around and prolific like Stephen King, he just doesn't ever stop. Now he has a hard cover full-color retrospective of his work from 2009-2011. I got my copy today and it's entrancing. 

You can buy it from Taobao here
And here is his Douban page, with 50+ demo galleries (censored of course, it's not for everyone)

I can't stress this enough, this collection is a landmark record of urban youth culture and the China experience, from its fringe recesses. It should be on your shelf next to the classic PK14 albums. Also, it is free of all advertising and commercial influences. It's DIY produced and all proceeds go back to the artist.

Finally, I know that last paragraph seemed a bit gushing or contrived but let me be as honest as I can. After ten years in Shanghai, around mainly local people, Chinese urban apartment blocks and concrete jungle developments, having relationships and existing under the everyday city conditions here ... I really see it all reflected in the work on a symbolic and harsh level. It has a clarity about it that goes so beyond the piles of retro kitsch and 'sinica' out there.

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