Summer Screaming live @ Yuyintang

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The latest event from promoters Playful Warrior brought us a mixture of styles, but all in the -core / heavy music category. The line up:

Murder Party (Nanjing)
From The Red (Nanjing)

I liked all the bands but objectively speaking, Dragon Pizza are the ones to watch there.

I saw three of the bands with full attention. From The Red were a 50-50 mix of grinding metal / screaming ... and big Emo choruses with riffing. It worked though. Plenty of people in and up for some moshing. Next were Dragon Pizza. They are still playing mainly the same songs from last year. They play metalcore and have their trademarked frenetic changes of style and pace. Two bars of double time hardcore jumps into a skate punk chorus back into a spacious funk riff with slap bass and back to hardcore. The guys play well and Yuki's bass always grabs the attention. They know how to work the crowd too. 

Broken Promises are a newer metal band from Shanghai who have now racked up a lot of shows with this collective. Their biggest weapon is the vocalist Nv Wang. She is 100% metal, tattooed and has the look to front a metal band. Metal fans here like them and they did well. 

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